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The shatterproof SES TLED T8 lamps are designed to handle the more extreme environments found in commercial and industrial buildings. They are a cost effective solution that achieves maximum energy savings while providing best in class quality and durability. Starco’s TLED lamps achieve up to 140 lumen per watt and provide an unparalleled quality of light. Our robust electronics withstand extensive voltage surges and perform under heavy duress and high ambient temperatures. This product works with Starco’s innovative Fast-Fuse socket kits, which delivers a quick and easy installation.

T8 Shatterproof

Specs & Performance

Starco’s shatterproof TLED lamps are designed for the challenges with energy reduction and industrial safety compliance. We offer superior quality and the highest energy efficiency on the market. Our robust LED driver system withstands extensive surge voltage and high ambient temperature. This product works with Starco’s innovative “Fast-Fuse” socket kit for less labor and more safety.

Name Wattage Length Efficacy Lumen Output Cct Cri Voltage
SLT809P2XX-S 9W 2' 135 LPW
135 LPW
1215 lm
1215 lm
82 120-277V


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