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Starco’s Economic TLED High Bay is mainly used for industrial facilities. Well balanced illumination is essential for industrial plants to provide a safe working environment.  Optimizing the illumination in the industrial workplace needs to consider the type of equipment, quality of light, financial needs, color temperature, flickering rate, glare, etc. Starco’s Economic TLED High Bay offers you assorted choices on the wattage and lumen output using UL and DLC qualified Starco LED tubes. To improve energy efficiency, it can also work with occupancy sensors which accordingly saves you 5-20% more energy cost.

TLED High Bay - Economic

Specs & Performance

Safety and consistency is essential for employees and facility operation. Starco’s Economic TLED High Bay is future-proofing and is consistent with general fluorescent fixtures. After 8 years, only maintenance workers are required to change a LED tube in the fixture, instead of changing the whole fixture. This maintenance saving helps the payback can be less than 2 years. For more information, please contact us.


Name Lamp Name Wattage Length Total Lamp Lumen Output CCT CRI Voltage
SLHT-4-18T850AXU-WH SLT818P450-G 72W 4' 11520 lm 5000K 82 120-277V
SLHT-4-22T850AXU-WH SLT822P450-G 88W 4' 13640 lm 5000K 82 120-277V
SLHT-6-18T850AXU-WH SLT818P450-G 108W 4' 17280 lm 5000K 82 120-277V
SLHT-6-22T850AXU-WH SLT822P450-G 132W 4' 20460 lm 5000K 82 120-277V


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