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The Starco SLHB is a well designed LED luminaire suitable for a variety of applications and a balanced mixture of high performance and value. Applications include manufacturing, warehouses, distribution and convention centers, gymnasiums and other large indoor spaces. SLHB is ideal to replace traditional linear fluorescent and HID fixtures in industrial and commercial buildings with uncompromised quality and reliability. Multiple lumen outputs and electrical and control options make SLHB practical, as well as versatile. SLHB offers a range of lumen packages from 12,000 to 38,000 lumens and delivers up to 185 lumens per watt for maximum rebate eligibility and years of free maintenance.

Specs & Performance



Category Model# Wattage Efficacy Diffused Lens Frosted Lens
SLHB-75R1Y50-ZWK 75 185 13875 13200
SLHB-100R1Y50-ZWK 100 185 18500 17600
SLHB-120R1Y50-ZWK 120 180 21600 20520
SLHB-135R1Y50-ZWK 135 175 23625 22444
SLHB-150R1Y50-ZWK 150 175 26250 24900
SLHB-150R2Y50-ZWK 150 175 26250 24900
SLHB-165R2Y50-ZWK 165 175 28875 27390
SLHB-200R2Y50-ZWK 200 175 35000 33200
SLHB-220R2Y50-ZWK 220 175 38500 36520


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