LED Grow Light

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Made for the hydroponic grow facility

The Starco SLGL is a well designed LED grow light which can maximize your grow space and provide efficient light to achieve higher crop yield. Starco SLGL has 2 sizes and 2 power options and multiple rack mounting kits for vertical racking system and grow tables. SLGL untilize Samsung and Osram horticulture LEDs to deliver high efficient and uniform light to the plants.

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Specs & Performance

Category Model# Wattage PPE Light Output Dimming
SLGL-320-R-FS-D-W 320W 2.72 µmol/J 850 µmol/s 0-10V
SLGL-630-R-FS-D-W 630W 2.72 µmol/J 1700 µmol/s 0-10V
SLGL-720-R-FS-D-W 720W 2.72 µmol/J 1950 µmol/s 0-10V
SLGL-840-R-FS-D-W 840W 2.7 µmol/J 2260 µmol/s 0-10V
SLGL-1000-R-FS-D-W 1000W 2.7 µmol/J 2700 µmol/s 0-10V


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