State-of-the-Art Marijuana Grow Facility in Fayette County


State-of-the-Art Marijuana Grow Facility in Fayette County

Project Size

4,000 Sq-ft of canopy using Starco lights

Products Used

State-of-the-Art Marijuana Grow Facility in Fayette County, PA
Uses Starco Lighting and Saves!


Being one of only 25 approved medical  marijuanna growers/processors in the state of Pennsylvania, this state-of-the-art facility was designed to cultivate over 20,000 sq-ft of flowering canopy using a vertical grow methodology. The group behind this facility, mostly Pennsylvania locals, recieved the highest score overall for both rounds on thier application to the state, eventually procuring their license from the state of Pennsylvania in July of 2018.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality and most effective medical marijuana products to the residents of Pennsylvania who suffer from qualifying medical conditions,” said the Executive Vice President. “Ultimately, our goal is to help improve patients’ health and overall quality of life.”

This group produces distillate cartridges, flower and RSO products. Their RSO in particular is what they consider one of their specialties. RSO is a full-spectrum cannabis extract that is fully decarboxylated and ready to use. Utilizing an ethanol extraction process, they refine the marijuana oil twice, giving the product more of an amber color as opposed to the traditional black. For them, this arguably makes it a better-tasting and potent medicine recommended for oral consumption.

Over $68k of Energy Savings Annually

4,000 Sq-ft of canopy using Starco lights

(250) Starco 4×4 685W-1700µmol/s grow lights

80kW of demand saving over 1000W HPS

Over 675 MWh of savings annually w/ cooling

First Energy incentive recieved

The overall facility houses over 37,000 sq-ft of medical marijuana growing and processing space. The flowering portion of the facility includes 6 rooms with individual envrionments mitigating any risks of contatnaimation between the crops. The rooms employ 3 levels of vertical racking. The lighting currently being used for the flowering rooms are from Fluence and from Starco Lighting.

Starco Lighting was able to be specified for the project after being tested for two cycles by the groups lead grower. The installation of the lighting was implemented July of 2020. The installation is being staged as they get their first rooms operational with the others to follow after a few cycles and some fine tuning. The solution used employed a mounting system made for PIPP Racking system. The control system daisy chained the fixtures to an to ensure easy setup and reliable control. Working with the grower, management and contractors, Starco Lighting was able to provide the product and streamline the supply ensuring everything worked in accordance to the the customer’s schedule and needs.

Starco lighting is certified with all 3rd-party testers and validation associations. Starco was able to working with the utility company and provide a large rebate for the customer. Using the Starco product, the cusomter was able to produce a yeild better than the other lighting being tested at the time, even against many industry known grow lighting companies. Starco’s full spectrum lighting is providing the PPFD along witht the diffrerent wavelengths they need on the canopy all the while saving energy. 

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