Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps

A Welcome and Safer Impression for BCAR with Great Energy Savings


Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps

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7 Parking ramps

Products Used


When Sam Iraci, the executive director of BCAR, was seeking a robust and reliable lighting solution with a quick ROI to remedy what he called “a maintenance headache of fluorescent lights,” he jumped at the chance Starco Lighting, Inc. offered.

BCAR manages a total of 7 parking ramps and lots, installed with 2-lamp and single lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures. The lights were constantly failing, resulting in dark lots and an uncomfortable feeling to its customers. The maintenance of the aging fluorescent tubes was another problem. BCAR realized that it was time to upgrade the lighting with a reliable solution in a cost-effective way.

The systems of the ramps and lots were using 32 watts each of the 4-foot-long T8 fluorescent tubes with various types of electronic ballasts. The maintenance and replacement cycle was unpredictable and the color and brightness was inconsistent. BCAR was excited about an LED solution, but concerned about longevity, safety, substantial energy savings and labor cost. Starco was considered the finest company to achieve these goals.

The first step was to conduct a pilot test with light measuring and simulation, and an on-site installation audit. Installing Starco’s premium series TLED tubes offered a guaranteed greater than 50% energy savings. We provide a substantial value of energy saving with no caveats on the 5-year warranty. Removal of the ballasts made the installation quick and reduced labor costs to meet an average ROI of 2 years (rebate is not included).

When the first parking lot was completed, the welcome impression was back again which excited BCAR. Installation of Starco LED tubes in the remaining 6 BCAR parking ramps and lots was complete in June 2016. Additionally, unlike other lighting manufacturers, Starco offers a 5 year warranty with no caveats. Starco finally removed the concerns from customers regarding future maintenance. “It is future proof.” said by John Calabro, VP of Business Development, Starco Lighting US.

“The upgrades with such uniform and smooth light distribution are unparalleled and we are happy to bring comfort and safety of feeling back again.” said by Sam Iraci.

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