Argyle Central School

Starco Lights up the Learning Environment in The Argyle Central School District, Argyle, New York, with LED Lamps


Argyle Central School

Project Size


Products Used


The Challenge


During the summer of 2016, the Argyle Central School decided to improve the overall lighting environment. The school was using T8 fluorescent fixtures which needed to be upgraded to LED. The old T8 fluorescent lamps had turned yellow after years of use. The solution needed to be cost effective and achieve energy savings.



The Solution


After testing Starco LED lamps in several classrooms for nearly a year, the decision was to retro-fit all T8 fluorescent fixtures. The T8 fluorescent lamps were replaced by Starco SES Series 13W LED T8 lamps. To activate the project, Starco contracted with the John W. Danforth Company of Buffalo, New York, one of the largest contractors in the Northeast region of United States. Danforth effectively kept the project on schedule and within budget.



The Result


The average light level increased by 28% and immediately saved 60% on energy costs. The issue of color temperature was solved by Starco 4000K LED T8 lamps. The fixtures will not turn yellow, thanks to Starco’s unique plastic technology. Due to the long lasting LEDs and LED drivers, the maintenance attributed to lighting will be reduced as well. Finally, in the future, it will be very simple to replace the LED lamps in the fixtures.

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