Berry Plastics Dunkirk

Switching to LED Creates Comfortable Lighting, Slashes Energy Usage and Maintenance for Berry Plastics, Dunkirk, New York


Berry Plastics

Project Size

125,000 square feet

Products Used

TLED Economic High Bay
WattStopper HBP Sensor

The Background

LED lighting has come a long way.  It’s always been known as energy efficient but as it has become more popular, prices have decreased also.  This is especially true if LED tubes are installed in existing fluorescent fixtures, and retrofitted with motion sensors.  When coupled with energy provider financial incentives, this practice can show a two year return on investment.  Additional benefits include a better illuminated work space (+30% in a one for one comparison verses existing T8 fluorescents) which affords safety, morale and quality of life benefits as well.

The Challenge

Berry Plastics Dunkirk has 60,000 square feet of both manufacturing and warehouse space, and 5,000 square feet of office space. Safety was paramount when Berry Plastics selected the LED lighting retrofit solution.

The Solution

Starco’s Shatterproof Premium Series 18W LED tubes were selected to retro fit the existing fluorescent fixtures. Occupancy sensors were added to the fixtures for even more energy efficiency.

The Result

Using existing fixtures and installing Starco LED tubes, all with motion sensors, saved the Berry Plastics Dunkirk plant $25,000 annually. It improved lighting by at least 30% and qualified for a $21,000 financial incentive from their electricity provider. A total of 1,157 LED tubes were installed. Starco LED lighting reduced energy consumption by 52%. Occupancy sensors further reduced energy consumption by an additional 25%.

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