Starco LED Lighting Helps GM Lockport Plant Cut Energy Usage By 70 Percent


General Motors Components Holding

Project Size

2.6 Million square feet

Products Used

TLED Economic 6-lamp High Bay
WattStopper HBP Sensor

GMCH Lockport was founded in 1910 as the Harrison Radiator Company for the purpose of designing, manufacturing, and selling automotive radiators and components. Since that time the company has flourished into a lean manufacturing site that produces a wide compliment of Powertrain Cooling and HVAC components and systems. With almost 1,400 employees, the site is focused on continuous improvement through a joint team process between UAW Local 686, Local #55 and Management that benefits the company, employees and customers, as well as the community. The facility size is 2.6 million square feet or 495 acres. The original metal halide fixtures in the plant were more than ten years old. When the fixtures started to weather, the lenses began to degrade and yellow, which resulted in substantial lumen depreciation. The cost was very high to maintain the metal halide fixtures. The lamps needed to be replaced approximately every 16,000 hours and involved transporting an articulating lift to perform the re-lamp.

The LED solution provided to GM facility had to be able to significantly reduce the energy and maintenance cost to meet a 2-year payback requirement, while illuminating the production and office areas in the facility. The LED products shall last a significantly longer period and be simple to maintain in the future. On the other end, the labor cost to replace the Metal Halide fixtures tended to be more than the LED material cost, including moving the articulating lift and traffic cones etc. The facility is an extremely busy place and the ceiling is 30 feet high.

2642 Starco TLED Economic 6-lamp High Bay were installed in GMCH Lockport Buildings 7 and 10. The High Bay used 6 Starco TLED T8 Premium Series 22W lamp. Starco also provides WattStopper occupancy sensor and remote controller for each high bay. The 132W LED High Bay replaces the 400-watt Metal Halide one for one. In the office areas and hallways, Starco TLED T8 Premium Series 13W, 18W and 22W lamps were used to replace the fluorescent T8 lamp in the 2×4 troffer with prismatic lens.

“I have already seen a lot energy savings coming.” – Said by Kurt J. Ringwall Jr. Plant Engineer after only two months of installation completed.

“The installation is fairly simple.” said an electrician on site.

The Metal Halides requiring 458 input watts were replaced by Starco Economic TLED High Bay which uses only 132 watts; a 71% energy savings. The 32-watt fluorescent lamp was replaced by Starco 13W, 18W and 22W TLED Premium Series lamp. In some office areas, the 2×4 troffer was de-lamped from 2 lamps to 1 lamp with equivalent light output. There are no ballast issues in the future, because the ballasts were eliminated.

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